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We are on a mission to transform human health through data and advanced analytics in order to deliver an in-depth understanding of the patient, better patient care and ultimately superior health outcomes.

Clinakos’ unique platform links vast amounts of historical and real time, patient level data, from hundreds of primary sources. The curated patient data includes medication, lab, genomic, device, EMR and wearable data giving us a holistic Patient360 view. This allows us to analyze in depth patient journeys to elucidate an unprecedented level of insights on diagnosis and treatment of disease. Our work empowers Life Science companies and clinicians to help get the right treatment to the patients at the right time.

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Our expertise combines deep medical experience and state of the art technology knowledge. We are a passionate team of MDs, PharmDs, PhDs, data scientists, and technologists driven to make a difference to healthcare and life sciences through the use of data and advanced analytics.

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Connected Intelligent RWD/RWE Cloud

Our one of a kind, cloud platform consolidates a patient’s complete medical and behavioral profile through aggregating their medication, lab, genomic, device, EMR and wearable data to create complete and linkable Patient360 profiles.

HIPAA Compliant AI/ML Platform

We apply our deep expertise in medically smart artificial intelligence, machine learning and predictive analytics techniques in a HIPAA compliant manner for healthcare and Life Science clients to deliver insights otherwise not possible with de-identified approaches.

Secure PHI Environment

Our  HIPAA/HITECH compliant platform follows the strictest privacy and security controls to meet and exceed the regulatory requirements from a multitude of governmental and non-governmental organizations for Patient Healthcare Information handling.


Connected Data Insights

We help our clients across the healthcare spectrum generate insights for business efficiency and enhanced outcomes. Leveraging our common data model with live data streams from thousands of sources, we complete the data cubes from internal client data. Proprietary algorithms from our Medically Smart ML/AI Engine provide actionable insights as never before possible. Delivered as alerts, dashboards and bots, our insights help our clients create efficient business processes, understand program ROIs and create and manage KPIs.

Treatment Persistence & Patient Drop-Offs

We believe that adherence and persistence are not just about reminders. Our solution is driven by actionable digital markers specific to patient, prescriber/HCP, drug, insurance/PBM, pharmacy and more. We start by curating data and leverage Medically Smart AI/Ml to get to specific core issues, thereby providing actionable insights to significantly improve adherence and persistence to therapy. Armed with digital markers, we can also implement these insights and engage patients via a smartphone app. Click Here to See Video.

Patient Registries

Understanding and engaging patients is pivotal to success. Integrated, fit for use, patient level data with regulatory compliance allows unparalleled access to insights for patient treatment journeys, HEOR, and RWE use cases. We start by curating and linking patient data from thousands of primary data sources and then understand patient journeys and predict outcomes through Medically Smart data science. Our digital connected health platform allows us to do this cost and time efficiently while avoiding loss to follow up.

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